Franco's visit to Algemesí on 12 May 1947, at the behest of the mayor, Salvador Castell, will be decisive in the creation of the Institut Laboral,
one of the most important cultural events in the recent history of our village.

IES Sant Vicent Ferrer

Address: Parque Salvador Castell, 16 - Algemesí
Tel: +34 962457820
Fax: +34 962457821

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Valencia is a municipality of Spain and city of Spain, capital of the homonymous province and the Valencian Community. It is the most populous city of its autonomous community and the third most populous of Spain.

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"Our school “IES Sant Vicent Ferrer” was founded 63 years ago. Its name refers to a character in our history. It is a center where you can study secondary education and vocational training. We have a very large schoolyard with palm trees and there you can find the canteen. The school has three floors and if you break a foot, you can use the lift …also there are six informatic classrooms, a Biology laboratory, a Phisics and a Quimics laboratory and twenty five general classrooms. Library is next to the staff room. Our library is large and has books that we can take home and read. The gym, the music room and the technology classroom are in the yard. In technology we do projects and we always have fun.


Enrique Cebolla Vives

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Mª Salut Ahuir Felici

Deputy Head
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Mª Sonsoles Jiménez González

European Projects Coordinator
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