Since the ITIS Q. Sella was founded it has had a significant educational growth, managing to respond to the needs of the area where it is placed and taking into consideration a changing society.

Istituto Tecnico Industriale Q. SELLA

Address: Via Fratelli Rosselli, 2 Region Piedmont - Post Code 13900 - BIELLA
Legal representative: Gianluca Spagnolo (Headmaster) -
Tel: +390 158556811 / Fax: +390 158556870

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The Province of Biella is a province of Italy located in Piedmont. It was created in 1992 and its capital is the city of Biella.
It has an area of 913 square kilometres (353 sq mi), and a total population of 187,249 (2001). There are 82 comuni in the province

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Nowadays it has about 1700 students and offers them a varied teaching path based on different fields, from the Applied Sciences Lyceum to the Technical School together with a lot of activities and projects that enhance the teaching offer in relation to the following fields: educational, linguistic, work-related learning and attention to students with special needs.
In 2015 it was involved in an Erasmus+ KA1 project. 21 teachers and 4 administrative employees took part to a training courses in England, Spain and Malta. To improve and consolidate the skills of all school staff (teachers and administrative employees), the goals of the training have been the following: - to train a group of teachers able to offer CLIL paths; - to enhance the teaching of the foreign language in order to offer the students more opportunities to find a job; as regards the administrative employees our objective is to improve the relationships with foreign students and their families to facilitate integration; - to use better ICT in teaching and in every daily practice, to meet the needs of digital native users and to make more productive work in class; - to acquire Project Management competences to carry out new Erasmus Projects better.
In our electronics, mechanical and computer science departments we teach robotics as a subject of study; our students study and design automation and data acquisition systems , handling of robotic arms, augmented reality. We use the Arduino board as a basis for the development of projects; we also use other boards or devices and Logo educational robot kit. We also teach the basis of robotics to the students of our Liceo, from Scratch (to the younger students) to Arduino. Next year our school will participate to the national competition organized by our Ministry of Education called “Olimpiadi di Robotica – Robotics Olympic games”; the categories we’ll enrol our devices to are robot dance, sumo robot, football, rescue.


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