A lot of enthusiasm, excitment, discussions, debates and a wonderful day programming and
training for the international competition!
Thanks to our collegues from other professional courses with reception and performances...

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Positive excitement; argumented discussions and last preparations before the national competition!
- Prepairing our skills so that they are up to part ⯑
- Showing our skills in the best light ⯑ 

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Training course for K-12 teachers in Portugal 

From october, 12 until November, 30, we are promoting a teachers course in our school.
We intend to discuss topics related to the use of STEM in the classroom.
We want to use the robotic board and in particular arduino to take an initial approach in the robotic world adventure ...

Presentation - Session 1 - Session 2 - Session 3 - Session 4 - Session 5 - Session 6 - Session 7

Building robots and labyrinths at ITIS Q. Sella 
Watch our students working... 

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Arduino day, 1.4.2017

Zagreb, Croatia Work, work and work!
Robotics activities; - Work and fun!

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