During the second meeting, the partners made the stiuation point on the work developed.
The final version of the teacher's guide was presented.
In the course of these meetings, aspects related to student mobility were planned for the month of May 2017.

This meeting was a total success!

Cody & Roby is the name of a new series of DIY games that provide the easiest way to start playing with coding and robotics at any age, without computers, tablets or smartphones.
Roby is a robot who executes instructions, Cody is a coder who provides instructions.
We use this game and with few adjustment we create our own chessboard and rules and presented concepts of programming and we introduce the definition of STEM to the students of primary school.
They loved it!

To introduce and present concepts related to Robotics in Teaching, the Portuguese partner used Robots from Makeblock to demonstrate the potential and applicability of robotics.
The students had fun and started learning robot programming.

Preparing a course for teachers ...
Sparkfun Redboard Arduino UNO Arduino Mega 2560 Raspberry PI Me Orion board (Makeblock) Me Auriga (Makeblock)
These components and hardware served as the basis for the definition of objectives that led to the creation of a training course for teachers that was certified by the CCPFC - Entity that regulates teacher training in Portugal. 

Some classes were taught in which the concepts inherent to the term STEM and its application in real life were presented.