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Project number: 2014-1ES01-KA201-003392_5

Target group

The target group will be:
• Teachers working in secondary schools.
• Students in secondary school principally in risk of dropout and with economic obstacles.

Teachers are the direct beneficiaries of the project.
Teachers are those who have to deal with pupils every day and therefore are those who can have both a direct effect on a short term and a multiplier effect on the long one as they will get in contact with many different individuals throughout their careers. Teachers are the first that can identify students at risk of early school leaving, and to have the possibility to adopt appropriate solutions to prevent their dropping out from school.
In this context one of the main challenges that teachers have to face is the demotivation of students toward a school environment and organisation that does not take into account their interests, their aptitudes...

The project will provide therefore teachers with the necessary tools and training materials, to motivate students to learn and to foster their integration in the school community.

Students will be the beneficiaries of the project thanks to the multiplier transfer effect of the professional qualification of teachers and counselors.
Previous experience analysing ESL have highlighted that there are thre main categories of students at risk of ESL:
- Students with learning disabilities
- Immigrants
- Students with low basic skills and/or whose scholastic results are below average
Despite the different backgrounds and reasons for this exposure to dropping out from school there are some issues in common that these students are suffering from as: the loss of confidence, the isolation from the school community, the loss of motivation in attending school and finally the belief that school is not useful if not the reason of the problems.

Using Multimedia and videogames the students will recuperate interest and find an alternative motivation to go to school and to learn.

On the long term the project also addresses the needs of school directors and policiy makers that could benefit from the scalable and transferable example of the project, to promote and implement organic and synergic policies to address early school leaving according to an innovative approach.

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