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Project number: 2014-1ES01-KA201-003392_5

Expected results

The project will have a very positive impact in students, teachers, teaching methodologies, school environment and local community and wide community

The expected impact in STUDENTS will be:
- Increase in selfconfidence and motivation
- To learn with an innovative methdologie.
- An enriched curriculum offering key skills and abilities.
- Opportunities to experience active citizenship and cultural activities from each country.
- An enhanced teaching and learning environment with European awareness.
- Opportunities to work with a wide variety of students and teachers from across Europe.
- Access to foreign languages learning skills and participation in engaging activities.
- Access to new technological skills and equipment.
- Increased motivation and the opportunity to showcase their work to their own community and other communities across Europe.
- Access to other students' realities in Europe.
- To be in contact with innovation and creativity at all levels.

The expected impact for TEACHERS will be:
- Teachers update their teaching methodologies, renew their interest in teaching, make contacts with teachers abroad.
- The opportunity to improve their languages skills.
- Access to a variety of teaching and learning styles across Europe.
- The opportunity to use team teaching and other collaborative and innovative teaching and learning methodologies and techniques to raise standards in each country.
- The opportunity to raise issues of pedagogy and actively evaluate each other's teaching with awareness of each country's problems and advantages/ skills.
- Work with a diverse group of students with a wide age range for maximum impact.
- Implement and build on new technology skills knowledge throughout the project.
- Innovate approaches for teaching and learning through active citizenship, fostering enterpreneurial skills and creativity and make connections between them.
- Collate ideas to be incorporated into school policies and development plans and implement throughout the curriculum in each country.

The expected impact for SCHOOLS AND WIDE COMMUNITIES will be:
The project will provide an opportunity for parents to get further involved in their children's education and life of the schools, the partnership will contribute to strengthen the links between schools and local community:
- Parents and children will have the opportunity to learn together and promote life long learning across Europe.
- Aspirational figures and local heros will play an important role in the discovery new ways of learning.
- Results of the project will be showcased to parents, governors and wider communities of all partner schools.
- Internationalizacion of the participant schools and asociated partners.

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