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Seminar (PT)

  • Seminar in Portugal for the Partners.

    Introduction to the Concept of Gamification
    Jorge Simões,
    Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya, Portugal
    If games are so engaging, let’s find out why, and use game thinking and game design outside games to motivate and engage people.
    Gamification: why in education?
    The Problem: Crisis of Engagement with School
    Student disengagement:
    • A global world problem in most of the developed countries;
    • Recent studies point to 20% to 25% of students in 28 OECD countries classified as having low participation and/or a low sense of belonging;
    • The disengagement problem crosses all education levels.

    The disengagement problem leads to:
    • Drop-outs;
    • Low performance;
    • Absenteeism;
    • Failing classes.

    Motivation and engagement are critical issues for students’ success
  • Presentation: Seminar - "Introduction to the Concept of Gamification

    Find out more in the presentation of Dr. Jorge Simões...
    Seminar in Portugal
  • External Video about Gamification - 1

    Extra Credits - Gamification - How the Principles of Play Apply to Real Life
  • External Video about Gamification - Brian Burke - Gartner

  • External Video about Gamification - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

    Gamification: a definition - … to drive a game-like engagement …
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