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  • Final meeting - San Miniato - Italy, during May

    From 9th to 14th May the Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Turkish students came to San Miniato with their teachers to do a videogames competition.
    The week in Italy was a great succes:
    Before the competition, we formed six groups of students to play the games. In each group there were students from the different countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Turkey).
    All the students had fun playing games, spoke English and made friends. Some of them are still in contact with each other!
    After every game, teachers took notes of the scores and sent digital budges by mail to the winners. On the last day only one group was the winner but everyone was happy because they felt this experience was motivating, enriching and amusing for them!


  • Day 1 - Final meeting - San Miniato - Italy

    Getting to know each other and playing with POWTOON.
    All the students talk to know each other, decide the name of their groups and then every group made a presesantation about themselves using powtoon.

  • Day 2 - Final meeting - San Miniato - Italy

    Let's start the competition: Duolingo, Wordshake and Map Puzzle
    We started to play the digital games. Students played duolingo on their phones; wordshake and Map Puzzle in the computer lab.

  • Day 3 - Final meeting - San Miniato - Italy

    Minecraftedu: every group of students were given one hour and a half to build something on their choice. At the end of the time given the teachers evaluated the originality of the buildings.
    All the students collaborated and created marvellous things, full of details : there were castles, houses with beautiful paintings inside, modern houses and even the leaning tower of Pisa!

  • Day 4 - Final meeting - San Miniato - Italy

    2048 and evaluation of the games with Kahoot!
    All the students tried 2048 individually; they wanted to play twice to improve their scores!
    We prepared a questionnaire with Kaoot to let students evaluate the games, the experience of playing games in schools and the week in Italy!

  • Day 5 - Final meeting - San Miniato - Italy

    All the students on trip to Florence!!

    Other photograph to remember...

  • EVALUATION of the use of Multimedia Games in Italy

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