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Project number: 2014-1ES01-KA201-003392_5

"Gaming" - Let's play

  • Triviador tornament by students from Poland

    Competition decided!
    In the final round 17 contestants had to struggle. The jury selected, according to the rules, 8 finalists whose prize will be going to Italy in May, as part of the Erasmus + meeting

    Konkurs rozstrzygnięty! W finale zmagało się 17 zawodników. Komisja konkursowa wyłoniła zgodnie z regulaminem 8 finalistów, którzy w nagrodę pojadą w maju do Włoch, w ramach projektu Erasmus+
    Oto lista:
    Joanna Gembel
    Patryk Płotka
    Kornelia Pąchalska
    Weronika Cybula
    Weronika Wydrzyńska
    Aleksandra Linsztedt
    Mateusz Szmidtke
    Aleksandra Lewandowska

    See more photos...

  • Gaming session, training to competition (by students from Portugal)

    Students from Portugal are preparing for the competitions that will take place at the final meeting in Italy.
    They are playing 2048, Duolingo and MinecraftEDU.
    The spirit is very high and they are optimistics.
    Above all, teachers are telling us that students are more involved in several classroom activities due to their participation in such gaming sessions. Also, teachers have been introducing gaming elements in their activities and also implementing and using several multimedia materials to motivate students
    The feedback is very positive!


  • Project dissemination and teachers training (from Turkey)

    "Ingaming" uygulama faaliyetlerimiz kapsamında İznik Anadolu Lisesi'ni ziyaret ettik
    'Ingaming" projemizin uygulama faaliyetleri kapsamında Șht.Sedat Pelit Lisesinde bir sunum yaptık.
    Erasmus+ programı "Ingaming" projemizin tanıtım ve uygulama faaliyetleri devam ediyor

    We are trying to reach more teachers and students by dissemination activities. Our teachers have been distributing brochures about our Project and also trying to reach people by our social media accounts. Our school’s social media accounts:
    Facebook: / İznik Alparslan Ortaoukulu Twitter: @iznikalparslan


  • MinecraftEDU training sessions (Portugal)

    MinecraftEDU is great for:
    Delivering specific pieces of learning content.
    Whole-class lessons and projects.
    Students without existing access to Minecraft.
    Teachers, schools, and divisions looking to dip a toe into participatory or game-based learning.
    Let see Portuguese student at Agrupamento de Escolas de Vilela playing MinecraftEDU in classroom!!!


  • IES San Vicent Ferrer - Students playing (Spain)

    Let see our Spanish student from IES Sant Vicent Ferrer/Algemesi (Valencia) playing MinecraftEDU in classroom!!!


  • Gamification at San Miniato - Students playing (Italy)

    The students of the two middle schools of Instituto Sacchetti and of our three associated schools have tried and are still playing a lot of games in the classroom and at home.
    Students play in the computer laboratory or in their classrooms on the IWB. They usually play in couple or small teams and do competions to see who gets the highest score. Having fun, they can revise and learn better various subjects:

    English games:
    11 and 12 year-old students have tried some vocabulary games taken from learning chocolate and eslgamesplus.

    The following photos show a memory game with images, text and audio of some words related to a topic. The students are playing in couples on the IWB to see who can match the highest numbers of words with their pictures.

    # #

    At the end of the game all the class plays in groups: the winner will be the team that can write without mistakes the highest numbers of words from the game.

    12 and 13 year-old students are playing many game from eslgamesplus and learnenglishkids
    In these pictures they are playing a game to practise comparatives and superlatives.
    # #

    # #

  • Gamification at San Miniato - Students playing (Italy) - Round 2

    The students of all the classes of the second and third year have practised irregular verbs with hangman, spelling and jeopardy games from eslgamesplus and with the Macmillan verb wheel.
    They have played with present, past and future tenses.

    These students from Istituto Buonarroti are having fun!
    All our students enjoy playing games and they think they are helpful to learn better!
  • Gamification at San Miniato - Students playing (Italy) - Round 3

    Maths and Science games Students have played a lot of science games, such as Bacterial invasion, Darwin, le leve Iprase Purpose games, apparato scheletrico, and Maths games like treefrog treasure, Math games, Chi vuol esser milionario matematica.
    Here some students are playing Chi vuol essere milionario matematica. all the class is involved because the players at the IWB can ask for the help at home (the students sitting at their desks).

    # # #

    In the following photo some students of our associated partner school Istituto Comprensivo Buonarroti in Ponte a Egola has just finished playing Bacterial invasion:


    In this picture the students of Istituto Comprensivo Cerreto Guidi are playing Le leve

  • Gamification at San Miniato - Students playing (Italy) - Round 4

    Italian and Art games It is great fun practising grammar and expanding one's vocabulary with videogames. Students have played with games from digilander like aquiverbi and from Iprase, such as Esca da pesca.

    # # #

    They are also playing some Art games from getty games.

    # # #

  • Playing the Games for the competition in May - (Italy)

    In the following photos our students are playing the games selected for the competition in Italy, such as wordshake and Duolingo.

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