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  • Fallas is a traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in Valencia, Spain. The term Fallas refers to both the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration. A number of towns in the Valencian Community have similar celebrations inspired by the original in Valencia. Each neighbourhood of the city has an organized group of people, the Casal faller that works all year long holding fundraising parties and dinners, usually featuring the famous speciality paella. Each casal faller produces a construction known as a falla which is eventually burnt.

  • 7th And 8th September. Algemesí Streets are transformed into a living museum, scene of a cultural and religious one. Three processions fill the streets of tradition, performances, dance and music.

  • There is evidence to show that wine has been present in Valencia since the time of the Phoenicians (1,200 BC - 146 BC) including artifacts and utensils such as drinking glasses, wine bottles, jugs, and cups. Many drawing of these still exit. In the D.O. Utiel-Requena there are many underground cellars dating from before the Christian occupation which were used for domestic warehousing including the storage of wine.

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