UK - London

  • 1st meeting: England, London 14-18 Dec, 2012


    HUNGARY (host), PORTUGAL (2 persons), SPAIN (3 persons), TURKEY (7 persons), UNITED KINGDOM (2 persons)

    Project Activities

    1. Choose 1/2 main traditions (All partners, 11th of January 2012

    2. Questionnaire for learners: each country writes 2 questions about local traditions. The questionnaire will contain max 10 questions on a scale of 1-5. (All partners, End of January 2012)

    3. Send to the Turkish partner: logo (UK ), brief description of the organization, any other useful information to be put on the website. (All partners, Beginning of February)

    4. Project Website to be ready (Portugal, End of February)

    5. Preparing and checking material on each tradition (All partners, April 2012)

    6. The material on each tradition has to be ready (All partners, May 2012)

    7. Meeting in Hungary (All partners, 07-10 June 2012)

    8. Second questionnaire for learners has to be ready (All partners, End of June 2012)

    9. Courses on local traditions (All partners, From Sep 2012 to Nov 2012)

    10. Meeting in Portugal (All partners, 04-07 October 2012)

    11. Distributing second questionnaire to the learners (All Partners, Nov 2012)

    12. Dissemination (All Partners, Until the end of the project)

    13. Meeting in Turkey (All partners, 01-05 February 2013)

    14. Meeting in Spain (All partners, 06-09 June 2013)

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