Partners in the project

  • Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem

    The Corvinus University of Budapest is an institution with seven faculties: Faculty of Economics, Social Economy, Public Administration, Sociology, Horticulture, Food Sciences and Landscape Architecture. The University educates young students after the high-school graduation (18-25 years), and adult learners with graduation (30-50 years), according to the European “Bologna system”, on three levels: BSc (Bachelor of Sciences), MSc (Master of Sciences) and PhD (doctoral degree). The Faculty of Food Sciences intends to participate in this new Grundtvig project. On this Faculty - beside the regular trainings – an important activity is the adult’s (35-50 years) education in the frame of different courses, which are often supported by foundations. The duration of the courses can take 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month etc., the goals can be very different, e.g. new problems in food safety, food quality and healthy foods, valuable components in the food, drinking water treatment, wastewater handling. At the end of the course, the adult learners receive a Certificate.



    The Federation of Education of the General Union Workers of the Valencian State is configured up of 10 regions in the territory. These regions are centralized at the head part of the province with 5 labor union sections that correspond to the public universities situated in the Valencian community, here is where the head office of the city of Valencia is located and where it covers and gives logistic support to all the Valencian Community. At an internal level, the federation is configured in sectors where workers of different types of educational intervention in the several fields of vocational training group up to. They are the following: Public Education Sector (EOI, professional conservatories, art schools,..); Private Education Sector; Persons in Administration and Complementary Services Sector; University Sector. Integrated groups inside other important branches, but also form part of this Federation are: Unemployed Area: All those persons that have a university degree and want to be a part of the educational bodies of the Generalitat Valenciana are collected here; All those persons that are currently employed and wish to apply for a job as a Spanish teacher in other countries and will work there for 2 years are collected here; Women and Women´s Equality Area: All those activities and necessary support groups for the recognition of certain groups that for some reason or other are discriminated against or abused of, in the working world are collected here; Labor Health Area: All the information, activities and support for promoting and defending health and prevention of illness in the working (labor) world are collected here. FETE-UGT PV helds annually over 150 training actions focused in teaching professionals, of public and private education sector, raining teachers, university teachers and professionals of management and complementary services in public and private schools. The training we have developed in three modes: classroom, blended learning and on-line, where we have served over 3000 students teachers of public or subsidized private schools. Similarly, the organization, FETE-UGT PV, has organized conferences on vocational training, the area of youth and women,in two or three sessions with an answer no less than 300 entries and assistance to them. In all of these have been particularly sensitive in the delivery of panel discussions, lectures and workshops or working groups to generate different solutions to the issues raised in them.


  • Escola Secundária de Vilela

    AliquamThe school is included in a socio-economic depressed context where the appraisement that is had of the formal education is scanty and, for this motive, there are a few indexes very raised of precocious abandon. It is a question of a school with pupils from 12 to 18 years (secondary obligatory and postobligatory education, included theadults' education) with near 1.150 pupils of different populations of the zone. It develops two schedules: the diurnal one and another nocturne. It is immersed in a zone semirrural with a strong industry of furniture to approximately 30 km from Oporto.


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