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  • Pekmez is a sweet syrup which is made from grape, fig or berry by smashing and boiling them.

    Pekmez which is made from grape is very sweet, while pekmez made from berry is a little bitter.

  • It's the festive part of the wedding. Sometimes Dügün happens after the Nikah (one or a few days later), but usually happens next. The couple chooses a larger wedding hall (with many chairs or tables) or rent a space in a nice hotel or something.

  • What is Nevruz (Newroz)?

    Nevruz, also spelled Newroz, Nowruz and Noruz, is the Iranian New Year’s celebration. word Nowruz means “new day.” It is celebrated in a number of countries, which include Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. The celebration is thousands of years old, having begun in the reign of the Achaemenids, 550–330 B.C., but although it began as a Persian celebration, it has been adopted and embellished by many countries.

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