Description of the project

  • Summary:

    “Roots and Routes: European Traditions towards Active Citizenship and a strengthen Cultural Integration” will focus on the preservation of knowledge about culture, information on daily life, different traditions and folk stories, traditions and skills, the knowledge connected to the people's own background and roots.

    We’ll make investigations into which skills/ knowledge/ tradition/ costumes are about to get lost. The partners will establish a data bank where education/information about popular traditions will be collected. In seminars and innovative educational offers (living museums, practical presentations of old skills) the learners will be encouraged to get new insights into the above mentioned topics. The transnational co-operation will carry through "Transnational Cultural Weekends" (mobility activities) where the partner countries offer educational events about their cultural background. This contributes to a better intercultural knowledge and understanding as well as an exchange of experience. Besides an improved interaction between urban and rural areas, the project will foster communication between the older and the younger generations.

    During the two years we’ll be concentrated on increasing knowledge of own/others culture: we’ll learn to know more about each partner, their cultures and have discussions with students. In partner countries courses on local (Christmas, Easter, festivals etc.) traditions, various handicraft courses, family learning etc., will be documented and end products will be sent to all the partners.

    If you are just simple visitor and you are interested only for roots and routes in Hungary, you will find a lot of interesting information about Hungary and our habits and traditions (results of this project)

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