"Pekmez" - A sweet syrup

  • What is Pekmez?

    Pekmez is a sweet syrup which is made from grape, fig or berry by smashing and boiling them.

    Pekmez which is made from grape is very sweet, while pekmez made from berry is a little bitter.

    Grapes, suitable for pekmez are squeezed with a few different methods. A sour mixture is produced. This mixture is boiled in 50-60 degrees for 10-15 minutes and marl is added to the mixture.

    The marl, which is in white colour, must be added before the grape is squeezed. By adding the marl, it is provided to clarify the mixture and to vititate the sourness.

    If the marl is not added, pekmez becomes sour and it looks blurry.

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