BATMAN - Turkey

  • Area: 4.654 km²

    Population: 406.000

    Traffic Code: 72

    Districts : Beşiri, Gercüş, Hasankeyf, Kozluk and Sason.

    Batman province and the ancient city of Hasankeyf is founded on the land where Dicle River flows and was able to protect its rich historical background and these cities are the wonders of the nature with their historical monuments and caves exceeding a thousand in number.

    One of the southeastern Anatolian cities, Batman is a little province which takes its name from the river flowing on its west. The Batman river, spanned by the old Malabadi Bridge, draws the province’s border with Diyarbakir, and then joins Tigris (Dicle) River passing through the land. The southeastern extensions of the Taurus Mountains on the other hand, stand on the eastern side of the region, together with the 1288 m high Raman Mountain.

    The history of the province reaches back to antiquity, and the land saw numerous dynasties throughout its long history. Experiencing Arab invasion around 700 AD, Batman was later dominated by Seljuks first and then by the Mongolians. It was annexed by the Ottoman Empire in 1514 after being under the influence of the Akkoyunlu and the Safevid throughout the 15th century.

    In the early years of the Republic, Batman was attached to the province of Siirt and known as “Iluh”. It first became a district in 1957, changing its name to Batman, and then a province centre in 1990. Once a part of the province of Siirt, the district was especially eminent during the time of Abbasid Caliphate.

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